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. Datadog offers 500 custom events for every host monitored with infrastructure monitoring for pro plan, or 1000 for enterprise plan. ... Tracing measures latency of requests across services in distributed systems, whereas profiling provides deeper insights on all that happened on the code level of the services. Distributed tracing is a method of tracking application requests as they flow from frontend devices to backend services and databases. Developers can use distributed tracing to troubleshoot requests that exhibit high latency or errors. In this article, we’ll cover how distributed tracing works, why it’s helpful, and tools to help you get. Datadog Learning Center. Datadog is an extensive, easy-to-use platform for understanding your infrastructure. ... Metrics & Monitors; Dashboards; ... wide variety of data sources—from Syslog to HTTP to Prometheus to Kubernetes logs—to a wide variety of sinks—from Kafka to S3 to Clickhouse to SaaS platforms like >Datadog.
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