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Shop ceiling registers, available from brands like Bluefin and Hart & Cooley. Order sidewall/ceiling registers and grilles online with fast shipping and easy returns.. Model AJ414 Bright Brass 4 x 14 Solid Brass Floor Register. $29.93. Add to cart. Add to Wishlist. Compare. Quick View. The Placement of Sidewall and Ceiling Registers and Grilles. The placement of sidewall and ceiling registers and grilles is dictated by the needs of the space. Remember that cold air sinks and hot air rises due to differences in density. This means that in cold climates, a sidewall register positioned low toward the floor is preferable.. As with ceiling registers, wall registers give you more free floor space. On the other hand, they’re more visible and can look out of place among your wall art or other decor. These registers are tricky to install and connecting the ducts to them is a challenge even for a professional..
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