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Most people use Chlorine Dioxide (CDS) to de-magnetize the body and NAC Chlorine dioxide neutralizes the spikes and Graphine Oxide. NAC neutralizes the Graphene Oxide, as well as spikes to some extent. For protection, I will alternate use of Chlorine dioxide and NAC. That is until I know more. The Spanish researchers will continue to investigate the subject and look for further relationships between zinc and graphene oxide. To complement the studies that La Quinta Columna read during the live broadcast, Orwell City has selected excerpts from the program highlighting their conclusions after reading them. Discussion about How to remove graphene oxide from the body, from the CoVid Shots , Masks, Tests, Air... [Page 3] at the GodlikeProductions Conspiracy Forum. Our topics include Conspiracy Theory, Secret Societies, UFOs and more!. On the Connection Between Graphene Oxide Found in "Covid Vaccines", Electromagnetic Fields, Blood Clots & Severe "Covid" Symptoms | How to Remove Graphene Oxide From the Body - NAC (N-acetylcysteine) - "We had access to a sealed vial from Pfizer, and by means of a request for services to a university, specifically in my name, it was sent for an analysis of the vial, where we were.
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