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The voltage drop across the LED at a particular current value, for example 20mA, will also depend on the initial conduction V F point. As an LED is effectively a diode, its forward current to voltage characteristics curves can be plotted for each diode colour as shown below. Light Emitting Diodes I-V Characteristics. LED Drivers - Magtech Industries. Showing 1-9 of 124 results. CC3512H. CC4036. DALI Converter DA-010. DALI Converter DA-020. ESL1025. ESL1025-iPOP®. ESL1048-iPOP®. 12v-5a led co. Current state of the art LED intensity and color measurement devices employ spectral measurement technology. This type of instrumentation falls into the three categories: scanning grating monochromator spectroradiometer, diode array spectrometer and BiTec™ light analyzer..
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