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What are the costs for Laser MicroJet? The innovative nature of Laser MicroJet technology may suggest high costs. Nevertheless, Ter Hoek succeeds in offering this service at competitive prices through a combination of expert knowledge and its own climate-controlled manufacturing facility. This paper describes a si mple system for generating a highly viscous microjet. The jet is produced ins ide. a wettable thin tube partially submerged in a liquid. The gas-liquid interface ins ide. Determine the amount of cost savings between MicroJet and HP industrial printers. Compare Annual Cost of Ownership to Payback Period/Annual Cash Savings. MICROJETS®. This range includes the original Microjet® sprinkler as well as a host of other jets of varying types. Two Piece Microjets®, One Piece jets (C-Series and Sunjet), Framejets (incl. downspray), Microspin spinner jets, Varijet adjustable microjet® and the speciality jets: Lighthouse, Micro Mist Spray and Ball Drive Jet (Go-go jet.
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