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Symptoms Client applications calling APIs through your API Management (APIM) service may exhibit one or more of the following symptoms: Intermittent HTTP 500 errors Timeout error messages These symptoms manifest as instances of BackendConnectionFailure in your Azure Monitor resource logs. Cause. Hello, is there any way I could call (using globalMap or some other way) the current running value of the connection and receive timeout parameters in tRestClient component? Objective is to kill the job when the tRestClient idles for set amount of time. I've tried specifying the timeout parameters within the component but works on studio only. Yes, JIRA is connecting from Jenkins. As i mentioend earlier, we are able to fetch the details with JIRA api. Not sure, why the parameter value is not being fetched using JIRA release version parameter plugin,. Radek Antoniuk added a comment - 2018-02-14 16:37. As you are reporting a timeout issue - "Did you try increasing the connection. When running the CMG Connection Analyzer Tool for the client certificate, the following errors occur: [Step 3] “Check configuration settings of the CMG service is up to date”: “Configuration version of the CMG service should be 30. Failed to get CMH service metadata. For more information, see SmsAdminUI.log”.
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