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The R-134a is a single-component refrigerant (HFC). It has been the first choice refrigerant for automotive air conditioning, but R-1234yf is slowly replacing it. The refrigerant is used as a component for other HFC refrigerant blends and is common in commercial refrigeration, automotive refrigeration, and other large chiller applications. In addition to our commercial refrigerator products, Global Equipment also carries a wide array of many other new and used food and beverage equipment, including fryers, meat slicers, pastry equipment, ice machines, soda machines, and much more. We are truly your one-stop shop for school, bakery, grocery store, and restaurant appliances. R-22 was the primary Refrigerant used for home and commercial units but was banned due to the harm it caused to the O-Zone layer. It was replaced by R-410A in 2010. R-22 is an CFC refrigerant. R-404A is primarily used transport refrigeration. It is an HFC refrigerant as well. It is important to note that HFC refrigerant such as R134a, R410A. A common term that has been used in refrigeration work to define and measure capacity or refrigeration effect is called a ton of refrigeration. It is the amount of heat absorbed in melting a tone of ice (2,000 lb) over a 24-hour period. The ton of refrigeration is equal to 288,000 Btu. This may be calculated by multiplying the weight of ice.
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